Tech Integration Highlights Q4 2016-17

The 2016-17 school year was our first year of full 1:1 Chromebook access for all Roaring Fork Schools students in 4th-12th grade, and by all measures, it was a success. Engaging students in authentic uses of current tech tools is an essential step toward accomplishing our mission to 'ensure that every student develops the enduring knowledge, skills and character to thrive in a changing world.'

Here are a few key statistics, followed by some great examples of how teachers have creatively integrated technology into their instruction leading to innovative student products.

2016-2017 school year by the numbers:

5,124: Student Chromebooks deployed  

866,983: Student and teacher visits to Schoology 

1650: Students created original videos using WeVideo

5866: Student papers submitted via Turnitin

Quarter 4 Tech Integration Highlights:

1. Cutting-edge learning in technology classes
Stacey Maule engaged students in collaboration, problem solving, and math through 3D design and printing in her technology classes at Glenwood Springs Middle School (video). Ryan Allen's students used Scratch to code interactive presentations about a book they read in English class (example). 

Students are working on much more advanced projects in their technology classes because they learn and use the basic tech tools in every content area. We now have 3D printers at every middle school and each of our high schools will offer an AP computer science course next year.

2. Video production across content areas

Teachers from 4th-12th grade engaged students in video production projects in every content area this year. WeVideo is a web-based video editor that enables students to create collaborative videos using their Chromebook and smart phones, leading to authentic engagement while students learn new tech skills and apply content knowledge. Check out some outstanding student-created videos below.

6th graders in Mary Hernandez' ELD classes at Carbondale Middle School created videos exploring the theme 'From Darkness Into Light' after reading the novel 'Night.' (link)

Students in Morgan Crater and Bryan Gonzales' Spanish classes at Glenwood Springs High School used a green screen to create news stories in Spanish. (link)

Students in Michelle Collins' English classes at Basalt High School conducted interviews to create documentaries about social and environmental issues. (link)

6th graders in Amy Hutter's social studies class at Basalt Middle School created 'decades' videos using green screens to place themselves back in time. (link)

3. Websites, podcasts, and interactive timelines:
These are just a few of the innovative examples of teachers engaging students in authentic work using technology. More to come in the 2017-2018 school year!


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