Tech Integration Highlights: Q3 of 2016-2017

This Quarter's highlights feature teachers using three core tech tools that all teachers and students have access to. These tools are easy to use, your accounts are already created, and you can start using them today. Watch the videos below to see how our innovative teachers are using these tools for differentiation, engagement, feedback, and collaboration. Email me for help getting started with any of these or other tech tools in your classroom!

Highlight #1: Differentiated Supports to Help Students Access Complex Texts

Sara Porter and Liz Hazle
Carbondale Middle School

Sara and Liz have empowered their students with the Read&Write for Chrome extension, enabling students to use text-to-speech, highlighting, and other tools to access on-screen readings that they would otherwise not be able to read. They started using this tool with students with reading disabilities, but found that all students can benefit from the accessibility and interactive features of Read&Write for Chrome. Scroll down for my blog post introducing the Read&Write extension, which is now installed on all Roaring Fork Schools student accounts. Click here or watch the embedded video below.

Highlight #2: Increasing Authentic Engagement with WeVideo

Amanda Watkins and Megan Dean
Glenwood Springs Middle School

Amanda and Megan transformed their solar system unit this year. They put students in the role of engineers at SpaceX, tasked with deciding where the company should take space tourists on its next mission. This real-world scenario, coupled with technology and collaboration, increased authentic engagement as students competed to produce the winning proposal. Click here or watch the embedded video below. Email Ben if you're interested in accessing some of our premium WeVideo licenses, and check out this guide to getting started.

Highlight #3: Using Schoology for Feedback and Organization in Art Classes

Tish McFee
Glenwood Springs High School

Tish uses Schoology to give students feedback on their artwork, track progress over time, and provide students an organized set of resources for their art classes. She saves time by requiring students to upload snapshots of their artwork so she and other students can easily comment and give feedback, leading to higher-quality final products. Schoology is Tish's main organizational tool, making it easy for her to provide students all the information they need in one place. Click here or watch the embedded video below.


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