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Supercharge Students' Slideshows

Student presentations supported by Google Slides can be a good way for students to learn by teaching, but they can also be pretty boring for the student audience. Here are a few tips to increase engagement and mastery of learning outcomes for all students involved in class presentations.

Tip #1: Create an authentic reason, aligned to an essential question, for students to engage with their peers' presentations This is the single most-important factor in making student presentations a valuable learning activity for the whole class. Students should have a specific purpose that makes them actually need to listen closely, ask questions, and interact with their classmates' presentations. This should be more than a feedback form: students should be actively engaged in each others' presentations because they're learning critical information that will help them answer the essential question. This structure also gives presenters an authentic purpose: they're providing esse…

Tech Integration Highlights: Q3 of 2016-2017

This Quarter's highlights feature teachers using three core tech tools that all teachers and students have access to. These tools are easy to use, your accounts are already created, and you can start using them today. Watch the videos below to see how our innovative teachers are using these tools for differentiation, engagement, feedback, and collaboration. Email me for help getting started with any of these or other tech tools in your classroom!

Highlight #1: Differentiated Supports to Help Students Access Complex Texts Sara Porter and Liz Hazle
Carbondale Middle School Sara and Liz have empowered their students with the Read&Write for Chrome extension, enabling students to use text-to-speech, highlighting, and other tools to access on-screen readings that they would otherwise not be able to read. They started using this tool with students with reading disabilities, but found that all students can benefit from the accessibility and interactive features of Read&Write for …