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See your students’ Chromebook screens with gScholar

You can now easily monitor students’ Chromebook activity during class with gScholar, a Chrome extension that we just installed district-wide. You may have seen a notification that the gScholar extension was recently installed on your account; your rosters have also been imported and it is ready to use!
gScholar helps teachers minimize distractions for students to keep everyone on task while online. gScholar enables teachers to: See what tabs students have open on their Chromebooks during class Close tabs on students’ Chromebooks from your computer Open a URL on students’ Chromebooks so everyone is on the same webpage Create a screenshot of a student’s screen from your computer And much more, which I’ll explain in upcoming tech tips
Teachers should still employ best practices in classroom management by circulating the room and interacting with students while they use their Chromebooks, but gScholar is another tool in your toolbox that is especially useful during focused online tasks and ass…