Schoology’s Audio/Video Tool

Looking for an easy way for students to practice listening and speaking skills? Need help differentiating for students who need things read to them? Or do you need a simple tool that students can use to record audio or video for a project? Schoology has an audio/video recorder built into almost every part of the platform: you can use in tests and quizzes, assignments, discussions, and elsewhere.

Many of our ELD and World Language teachers are already using Schoology’s audio/video recorder in innovative ways. Here’s a video of John Mount (ELD teacher at GSHS) showing how he helps newcomer ELD students build their listening and speaking skills.

Click here for a how-to video about Schoology’s audio/video tool, or email Ben Bohmfalk for help getting started. ELD teachers have headsets to reduce background noise while using this tool, and most middle and high school students’ earbuds from their phones will accomplish the same goal when plugged into their Chromebooks.

Or, if you're just looking for a super-simple audio recorder that students can use for oral rehearsal or practice with speaking skills, try It works on Chromebooks, with no account or login required. Just click 'Record'!


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