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Tech Integration Highlights: Quarter 1 2016

The first quarter of the 2016-17 school year marks a major milestone in technology integration in Roaring Fork Schools: every 4th-12th grade student has been issued a Chromebook, and teachers wasted no time finding innovative ways to integrate technology into their daily instruction.

In this post I'll highlight three teachers who are using technology to do things that weren't possible before their schools were 1:1. I hope other teachers will find ideas and inspiration from these examples, and follow up with me for support enhancing learning with technology in your classroom.
First, a quick look at the numbers:5,124: Number of Chromebooks in use in Roaring Fork Schools 5,000: Daily Student Visits to Schoology 1 Gigabyte per second: Our Internet connection speed from Glenwood Springs to the web  Highlight #1: Engaging 4th Graders in Spatial Analysis with GISBetsy McMichael, Katelyn Foster, Dave Plumb, and Kristen Gracy4th Grade, Crystal River Elementary School The 4th Grade Team …

Improving Student Writing with Turnitin

Feedback and formative evaluation during the learning process are two of the most powerful factors leading to higher student outcomes (see John Hattie's ranking for more detail). Feedback on writing is especially important for students to become great writers. But giving detailed feedback on 100 student papers in a timely matter can be overwhelming!

Turnitin is a digital tool designed to streamline the more time-consuming parts of feedback on student writing, so you can focus your feedback on the specific elements you're looking for. Based on teacher requests, we purchased Turnitin licenses for all middle and high school students in Roaring Fork Schools this year. Turnitin is integrated into Schoology, so you don't have to set up classes, create accounts, or worry about another password. You can start using it today!

When should I use Turnitin? My main advice with Turnitin is that you use it with rough drafts, not final drafts, so students can learn from the feedback and …