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Personalize and Organize your Schoology courses

TECH TIP OF THE WEEK: Personalize and Organize your Schoology courses

Now that students have Chromebooks in hand every day, take a moment to personalize and organize your Schoology courses so you and your students can easily interact online. Here are three quick tips you follow in ten minutes or less:
Personalize your Schoology courses with a unique icon. By default, all courses have the same icon, making it difficult for students to quickly jump to your course from their course list. Some of the course names that are imported from Infinite Campus can be confusing, so a unique icon for each course makes it easy to identify. Here’s how you can change your course icon in a minute or less. Pro Tip: Download icons from, or create your own using Google Drawing. vs. Reorder your Schoology courses in a logical order. Click Courses>See All, then click the up/down arrows to rearrange your courses so you have the most important ones at the top of your list. Here’s how.
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