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Now that we have reached 1:1 Chromebook access for every student in 4th-12th grade, it's time to get creative and integrate technology into your instruction in meaningful ways. A good starting point is Schoology, which makes it easy for teachers to create digital discussions, assignments, quizzes, and other content that students can access any time. Here are some tips to get started with Schoology this year, for beginners and experienced users alike.

New to Schoology? Start here:Go to and you will be logged in with your rfschools Google credentials. Bookmark this page for future reference.Click on Courses at the top, and you should see your current courses and rosters, which are imported from Infinite Campus every night. You do not have to create courses or ask students to join; it's all done for you!Check out the Getting Started article and the Course Materials articles from the Schoology Help Center. Start by adding some simple content to one of your…