Schoology's Calendar: An Essential Organizational Tool

"I was absent on Friday...what did I miss?; "When is that project due again?"; I'll be gone next week...what should I do?"

Every teacher fields questions like these almost every day of the school year; answering them individually can take a lot of time away from more important instructional activities.

Schoology's calendar feature provides a simple way to show students what's happening in your class on a daily or weekly basis. And for students, the Schoology calendar displays dates for all their courses in one place. This is a powerful tool to help students stay organized, be prepared for class, and find out what they missed when absent.

It's easy to get started with Schoology's calendar. Here are a few tips to help answer common student questions:

Tip 1: To answer "When is it due?"
  • Anything that you date in Schoology will automatically appear on your students' Schoology calendars. This means that when you create an assignment, discussion, quiz, or even a folder in one of your courses, if you give it a date, it appears on the calendar of every student in that course. Dated items will also appear on students' list of 'upcoming' work, and if they don't turn it in, it will appear as 'overdue' when the due date passes. (If students are turning in their work by hand rather than in Schoology, you can click 'disable submissions' when you create an assignment. That way it won't appear as overdue when the due date passes, since they handed it in manually.)

Tip 2: To answer "What did we do in class yesterday?"

  • Click 'Add Event' to quickly add something to a specific day on one of your Schoology course calendars. You can attach a file, Google Doc, link, image (including a picture from your phone...take a picture of the whiteboard at the end of class and attach it to the event for a quick summary of learning objectives or key concepts), or even a new audio/video message to an event. Here's a video showing how to create an event in the calendar.

Tip 3: To answer "I'll be gone all next week...what should I do?"
  • When you create a folder of materials in a course, you can add a date range to the entire folder. If you have a few readings, activities, links, and videos for students to use next week, you can put them all in a folder and date it. Then it will appear in students' Schoology calendars across the entire week. 

Tip 4: Use the calendar for Sub plans
  • You can use Schoology to speak directly to your students even when you're absent! Create an event for the day you'll be gone, attach any files, links, docs, or other resources they'll need. Then click the audio/video icon and record yourself explaining the day's lesson directly to your students. Your sub plan becomes much simpler: the guest teacher helps students get on Schoology, click on day's event in your class calendar, and follow your instructions. You can build in accountability by having an assignment, discussion, or quiz due in Schoology at the end of the day.
Other calendar features and support:


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