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Schoology's Calendar: An Essential Organizational Tool

Every teacher fields questions like these almost every day of the school year; answering them individually can take a lot of time away from more important instructional activities.

Schoology's calendar feature provides a simple way to show students what's happening in your class on a daily or weekly basis. And for students, the Schoology calendar displays dates for all their courses in one place. This is a powerful tool to help students stay organized, be prepared for class, and find out what they missed when absent.

It's easy to get started with Schoology's calendar. Here are a few tips to help answer common student questions:

Tip 1: To answer "When is it due?"
Anything that you date in Schoology will automatically appear on your students' Schoology calendars. This means that when you create an assignment, discussion, quiz, or even a folder in one of your courses, if you give it a date, it appears on the calendar of every student in that course. Dated item…

Getting Started with Schoology

Ready to get started with Schoology, our learning management system? Here are some resources to help you dive right in.
What is Schoology? Schoology is a learning management system designed to make it easy for K-12 teachers to interact with their students online. As our 4th-12th grades approach 1:1 Chromebook adoption, Schoology provides a central platform where students can access learning materials for all of their courses from any device. Teachers can post assignments, give quizzes, facilitate collaborative discussions, and give students feedback using Schoology's intuitive interface. Students can see upcoming due dates, submit Google Docs to teachers for grading, and connect with their teachers and peers in a safe online learning environment.
How do I get there?
We have our own Schoology domain from which RFSD teachers and students can access Schoology. Go to and you will be prompted to log in with your rfschools Gmail credentials (the same email…