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Free Online Google Conference

I just found out that Google for Education is hosting a free two-day online conference tomorrow and Saturday (May 8 and 9). You can register free and even if you don't attend in real-time, you can access all the resources and watch the recorded sessions when you have time.

Friday's sessions appear to be big picture thought-oriented sessions, while Saturday's sessions are more how-to and teacher-oriented. So even if you can't attend anything on Friday, you could spend some of your rainy Saturday learning more about Google Apps for Education.

There are about five sessions to choose from during each time slot, so you're likely to find something relevant any time of day.

Please let me know if you attend so we can share what you learn!

Making interactive maps and timelines: Tools for history and geography fun!

I recently came across two great tools that you can use in any class to engage students in chronological or spatial analysis...aka history and geography.

The first is, a very intuitive and engaging timeline creator. With a free account, you can create an interactive timeline (or use one from their Gallery) to introduce students to a historical era. You can include interactive questions, videos, images, links, and other features to make learning active.

Then your students can create their own timelines and share them with the class, all in your free classroom account. This would be a fun way to engage students in your final unit of the year...divide up the main concepts and have students teach each other by creating interactive timelines with at least one question, video, image, and link. Then have them learn from each others' timelines prior to a summative assessment.

Here's an example of a timeline created on this site:

The second tool is ArcGIS Online, a web-based i…