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Student-created websites

All students should be able to design and build a website by the time they graduate from high school. A good starting point for this essential skill is Google Sites. Google Sites is essentially a wiki, meaning that it is an easy-to-edit platform that multiple people can contribute to at the same time. This makes it the perfect platform for collaborative student projects and creating a shared classroom resource, where every student contributes content to one or more pages and then uses the entire site as a resource for independent learning.
SCAFFOLDING Even if you have no web development experience yourself, I can help you get started with Google Sites in your classroom. For the two projects below, I created the sites and the basic outlines for each page, then students added content to their pages. This approach takes some of the more technical work off your plate and lets you get right to the content. 
EXAMPLES U.S. States Project at BMS Instead of doing an old-fashioned paper …