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Google Maps: More than finding your house!

Google Maps in the Classroom Ask a room full of kids if they've used Google Maps before, and almost every hand will shoot up. Ask how they've used it, and most will say "I found my house!" Finding your own house is a great introduction to a very powerful educational tool, but let's go deeper into what we can do with Google Maps in our classrooms.
Google Maps can be used to explore distant lands using Street View, which you've probably used to explore your neighborhood or places you've travelled before. Here's a Behind the Scenes look at Street View, including a nice overview video of how to use it best. You can create a quick introductory lesson for students to drop in to a place you're learning about, make some observations, and hypothesize about what they see. 
But I think the most powerful features of Google Maps lie in creating your own original maps. Students can be involved in plotting water quality data from a science lab or any other data…