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Three tools you can use this week!

This week on the blog you'll find:
One tool I've been looking for for many years,One tool that allows the little monsters in your classroom to create their own monster avatar, One tool that transforms science lab reports.

Today I will share just a few of the many innovative uses of technology that I have seen in your classrooms over the past few weeks. Thanks to all the teachers who have opened your doors to me and allowed me to share these great ideas. In addition to these examples,  teachers are planning to use StoryBird, VoiceThread, WeVideo, QR Codes, and other tools in coming weeks, each of which I will focus on in a future blog post once we have student work and teacher tips to share. I hope you find something here you can use in your own classroom!

If you would like support in implementing any of these, or other, tech tool in your classroom, just email me! I'm in Glenwood schools every Tuesday, Carbondale every Wednesday, and Basalt every Thursday. I want to visit a…