Welcome to the Technology Integration blog for the Roaring Fork School District!

Ben Bohmfalk
In my new role as the Technology Integration Facilitator, I am excited to be working with teachers across the District to enhance the integration of technology in learning and teaching. Our outstanding technical team will continue to provide technical support to make sure your hardware and software is working as it should, while I will help you plan and implement effective instruction using those tools.

I will update this blog each week to help teachers get ideas and support in technology integration. I hope you will subscribe to email updates (at right) so you'll know what's happening with educational technology in the RFSD.

Who to contact...

I will use this blog to:

  • Showcase the great stuff that I see as I visit classrooms throughout the District. You will be able to see what teachers in other buildings are doing with technology, then connect and collaborate to enhance learning and teaching in your own classroom.
  • Provide professional development, sometimes in the form of self-paced online tutorials or links to external resources, and other times as hands-on workshops. If you have a PD need, please tell me!
  • Get feedback from teachers about your tech integration interests and needs
  • Foster a conversation about tech and teaching in the comments below; please join this conversation by adding your questions, comments, thoughts, and feedback.

Why integrate technology into education?

To get started, let's explore this question with a few links from some of the leading educational technology sites that you may want to follow. What's your answer to this question? What does the research say about the impact of technology on student learning? Please join the discussion in the comments below!

What are our goals?

My goals are to help teachers and students enhance learning through the effective use of technology. My focus is on helping teachers better meet their existing instructional goals by using the best tools available.  The specific goals for the Chromebook 1-to-1 initiative (which will provide a Chromebook for every 4th-12th grade student in the RFSD over the next three years) are listed below. I think every teacher probably has a very similar set of goals for their students, regardless of technology. So rather than looking at this as a new set of goals or standards, I see technology as a tool that will help us get to where we already want to be.

The goals of the Chromebook 1-to-1 Initiative are to:
  • Foster Creativity and Innovation 
  • Improve Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 
  • Increase Communication, Collaboration and Productivity 
  • Expand Content Access 
  • Increase Access to Differentiated Instructional Resources 
  • Expand Learning Time
The SAMR Model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition)

I will refer to the SAMR model (explained below) to measure our success and set goals as we work together. This model presents a spectrum of technology integration from simply substituting new tools for old ones, to redefining tasks and learning in ways that were inconceivable without the technology. My goal is to help teachers move from substitution to redefinition and engage students in activities that were not possible before.

from Ruben Puentedura, Ph.D., Creative Commons Attribution

What's Next?

1. Please join the conversation by 
  • submitting your feedback in the form below
  • adding comments at the bottom of the page
  • signing up for email updates by clicking the "Subscribe"button at right 

2. During the first few weeks of school I will be in every school building to observe how technology is being used and collaborate with you to use it even more effectively. Grab me if you see me, and let me know if you'd like me to stop by your classroom when I'm in your building.

3. When we deliver the new Chromebook carts to your school in mid-September, I will work with teachers to plan how you can best manage the devices and most effectively teach with these tools.

4. Please contact me via email (bbohmfalk@rfschools.com) any time with your questions, needs, thoughts, or ideas. I am ready to work with you to help you reach your instructional goals using technology, so let me know what you need!


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