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Introducing...Google Classroom!

First of all...Congratulations to all teachers and students on completing the first week of school! I hope it was a great one for you. With the first day jitters and introductions behind us, I'm sure you're ready to get on with the serious business of teaching and learning.

Just in time...Google just released a new tool called Google Classroom that is designed to help teachers manage assignments, grading, and online discussions on a simple platform that is fully integrated with our accounts. Google Classroom is a Learning Management System, or LMS, that is free and easy to use. You may be familiar with other LMS's, like Blackboard, Schoology, Edmodo, Moodle, etc. Most of these older LMS's have more features than Google Classroom does right now, but Google is likely to add features to Classroom throughout the school year.

If you're planning on using Google Docs for assignments, and if your students will submit work to you via Google Drive or Gmail, yo…

How to create a classroom website

"How do I create a website for my classroom?" This was the most common question I fielded from our eager group of new teachers on their first day of orientation this year, and the most common question teachers throughout the District have asked me as I've visited schools this week. So here are some quick steps to get you started.

If you already have a website but want to improve it, explore the resources below and let me know if you would like more support. I will plan a hands-on session for beginners, and another for teachers who already have websites but want to improve them, if there is enough interest. Let me know in the form below.

Why create a classroom website? A website or blog is a great way to extend your learning environment beyond your classroom walls, and is an essential early step in effective technology integration. When I taught at BHS and RFHS, I always had a website for my classroom, and although it wasn't always pretty, it was a very useful portal …


Welcome to the Technology Integration blog for the Roaring Fork School District! In my new role as the Technology Integration Facilitator, I am excited to be working with teachers across the District to enhance the integration of technology in learning and teaching. Our outstanding technical team will continue to provide technical support to make sure your hardware and software is working as it should, while I will help you plan and implement effective instruction using those tools.

I will update this blog each week to help teachers get ideas and support in technology integration. I hope you will subscribe to email updates (at right) so you'll know what's happening with educational technology in the RFSD.

Who to contact...
I will use this blog to:Showcase the great stuff that I see as I visit classrooms throughout the District. You will be able to see what teachers in other buildings are doing with technology, then connect and collaborate to enhance learning and teaching in your…